Building Our Solar System

One Block at a time



And Its Problems

Blockchain has a bad rep with gamers, and it should. Blockchain was designed with financial applications in mind, and the last thing we need is more monetization of games. WE vehemently denounce this approach.

The decentralized part of blockchain may have some positive application for gamers. This is why we built a Proof-of-Play model that is solely focused on online matchmaking. The idea is that players matches and stats live forever, and can live beyond the lifespan of what the game developer can support.



And Why We Don't Like them

At GAD, we believe NFTs do have a place in the future of games, but not in the way you think. NFTs today are used for monetization purposes and game developers have attempted to slap them onto games with little to no thought. Honestly, it makes us sick.


The power should always be in the hands of the player, and we think NFTs, when utilized in a non-monetary fashion, can help achieve this. Subsolar NFTs give you a chance to be more than just a player in the game. They allow you to become part of the game itself.

Abstract Background