At GAD, we believe in community ownership. The idea of a community driven game could not make us more ecstatic. Currently we see NFT’s used by studios as a selfish money grab. Monetizing games in ways that do not necessitate NFT’s. We are departing from this by utilizing them as a tool for those who wish to be very involved. Making sure their voices are heard directly through the blockchain.


Playing Subsolar does not require ownership of NFT’s, and games can be play off the blockchain entirely. NFTs are used as a way to help officialize community engagement.


As a Subsolar NFT owner, your voice will have a direct impact on the shaping of the game itself. The these NFT’s act as what the crypto-world calls "governance tokens" but in our case they give you a digital voice. What this means is it gives you a chance to vote on where they want to see development of the game go.


We at GAD set out to create the game we wanted to play, but we are fully committed to creating a community and arming them with the power to shape it. Over time the community's power will increase through the release of more governance tokens. Our end goal is to eventually fully release the development responsibility to the community. This means for the first time the players dictate development, with developer funding being self-sustained by the Proof-of-Play blockchain. We can’t wait to see how the community shapes our game.


Subsolar uses a special type of blockchain called Proof-of-Play for matchmaking (learn more here). One of the things that is secured in this blockchain is the number of resources each player has. Resources are earned in a number of ways. One of the additional ways you can earn resources is by owning a Subsolar NFT. Since the NFT represents a plot of land, that land has a certain number of mineral resources contained in the ground. These resource are mined from the ground and "deposited" the the NFT owner every few blocks. The resource generation algorithm is logarithmic in an effort to not create too much asymmetry with non-NFT owning players.

The Details

Subsolar takes place on fully simulated planets in our Solar System (learn more here). We've divided each planet into a hexagonal grid, where each section is represented by an NFT. It's important to note that these NFT’s are NOT required to play the game.